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OPPO Screen Replacement

Screen is the most vital part of all the smartphones. As we are always with our phones nowadays, there is a high probability of falling down. Screen damage is the most common problem. We know how it will frustrate you. Our technicians have hands-on experience in oppo screen replacements. It will be done on the spot. And we use only original spare parts in replacements.

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OPPO Battery Replacement

Battery issues like battery bulge, charge drains too fast are may due to improper way of maintenance or due to deterioration. Battery replacement is also a very easy job for our technicians. We fix it within 30 minutes. And we use only original spare parts in replacements.

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OPPO Charging Port Replacement

If your phone is not charging but the problem is not with the cable or if it is charging only in a certain position then the issue will be in the charging port and you need to replace it. Our technicians will replace it within 30 minutes. And we use only original spare parts in replacements.

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OPPO Camera Replacement

If your oppo camera either front camera or back camera, has been broken or cracks on the camera lens or if you find blurry spots on the pictures to take then it's time to replace your camera in order to save the memorable moment. Sometimes this issue may occur due to various reasons like water damage. so contact us without any hesitation. We will fix it in less time at an economical cost.

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OPPO Back Glass/Cover Replacement

Back glass broken is only caused by physical damage by accidently or any other reason. You have to change your broken glass to make your phone look good. The stock of backglass we already have will make us fix it quickly.

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OPPO Speaker Replacement

The speaker of the oppo phone might be damaged due to any kind of liquid or physical damage. If you find a speaker issue with your oppo phone, make a call we will fix it with the original spare part. Within 30 we will fix this issue.

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